All ECO minerals mineral makeup products are certified Cruelty Free and Vegan and are free from gluten and nano particles.

Why Cruelty Free Isn’t Enough

Many cosmetics are listed as cruelty free. Whilst this is certainly an improvement on the norm, it doesn’t tell you whether the product has used animals at some point, either at the testing stage, or if animal substances have been used in the product itself. Just because a product is called cruelty free doesn’t guarantee that it didn’t involve exploiting or harming animals at some point in the production line.

Eco Minerals have  done everything possible to ensure that  produced cosmetics  are truly cruelty free. The best way to achieve this is by making sure we produce 100% vegan friendly makeup.

What Makes it a Vegan Product?

When a product is vegan certified you can be sure that no animals were involved at all in the making of the product. This means that there was no animal testing at early stages, it certainly doesn’t use any animal based substances and it didn’t involve animal testing at the end.

Whilst cruelty free cosmetics can potentially still use animals at some stage of their manufacturing process, vegan doesn’t allow this at all. It only uses completely non-animal products and substances from start to finish. One way we achieve this is by producing totally natural mineral based cosmetics. Eco Minerals use only non-vegan substances. There are some substances which are derived from animals and which Eco Minerals dont use: animal fats an oil; honey and beeswax; lanolin; animal hair; albumen; collagen, carmine, guanine; squalene.